Hey guys and gals, as your recall a while back I did a post (4rx com review) where I gave you my honest opinion of 4rx com and of Sam the marketing guy who I think does a great job for them, much better than xlpharmacy. Then in my last post (cheap prescriptions) I gave you all a few good tips by using Walmart and Target’s prescription drug info as they have some great  medicine offers you can take advantage of.

What’s that you say? Ooooh yeah in that last post I also mentioned that I’d talk to Sam over at 4rx to see about getting you a 20% off coupon code and by golly I have done just that!

  1. First, be sure to write down the 4rx coupon code listed in step 2 below. Then click here to go to the 4rx com site and create an account. You’ll  see a tab at the top of the page that says “My Account”.
  2. Now you can log into your new account and do some shopping! Just fill your cart as you go and at some point in the 4rx comcheckout process you’ll see a box where you can enter your coupon code. In this box type: 4rx20 and click the “Submit” button under that box and you’ll see that your order total has been reduced by 20%! Then just click the “Checkout” button and you’re good to go!

There is a video tutorial here that shows the whole process of how to use this 4rx com coupon code.

Now I know this 20% off coupon code works as I created an account myself and input the code and it discounted my total owed. If for some reason it does not work for you please use one of the multiple ways 4rx.com makes available to talk to someone there. They have live chat, email and a toll free number. Please do not contact me about it. It’s their business and their coupon code so I’m sure they will be more than happy to assist you should you encounter a problem. Just tell them you got this coupon code from Stephen Dayton, they should know who I am (I hope :-)).

Also be aware that the this 4rx com coupon code can only be used ONE time so if you’re going to use it I’d recommend using it on a large order rather than wasting it on a trial pack or something. Anyway, that’s what I’d do, but you can use it as you see fit.

Well I hope you get good use of the coupon code and get a chance to see why I think 4rx com is one of the best pharmacies online. While I’ve heard their shipping can at times be a bit slow I believe the extremely cheap prescriptions and solid service more than make up for it. Go ahead and buy some Generic Viagra or whatever floats your boat! Give them a try now!


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cheap-prescriptions For many people cheap prescriptions and prescription drug insurance are weighing heavy on their minds with a world economy in the biggest slump in decades. I mean if you or a loved one currently depends on specific rx medicine then your prescription drug cost is going to be of the utmost importance.

Up until recently I’ll admit I didn’t think twice about cheap prescriptions, prescription drug insurance, buying medications in the local pharmacy or even buying prescription drugs from an online pharmacy. Why? Well because I had a JOB! Yeah that’s right I lost my job and with it went my medical insurance that paid for all these things in full. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat my family is in as well.

As a result I’ve been doing some research and have noted [click to continue…]

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Hey folks Stephen here; I thought I’d make my first post a 4rx com review4rxcom1 review including my own personal experience’s with 4rx.com.

Now before I start rambling on I wanted to let you know if you want to see just how low the prescription drug cost is with 4rx you can start by clicking through this Online Pharmacy link.

I’ve known the marketing guy (Sam) over at 4rx since 2003 when he was running another company and he was never less then helpful whenever I had a question or a problem needing resolution. We lost touch for several months, then he got a hold of me again in 2006 telling me about his new site 4rx.com that would feature low cost prescriptions.

Now you’ve probably seen some forum posts online where some people have said negative things like “don’t order from 4rx com, they sell sugar pills”. Or perhaps ones like “well I got my package, but it took a month to get the rx medicine I ordered and the packaging was really ugly and wrapped in tissue paper which isn’t very professional”.

At the same time I’m sure you’ve also seen some

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